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Very good experiences

As a landlord of houses in Rotterdam, I have very good experiences with this company. If I am honest it sometimes seems as if we have a company together. Even though this is not the case, it feels and works that way. If a home becomes empty, Benhousing will immediately pick it up. Recording of the vacated house is done, plus rental price provisions. If things have to be done in the home, this is immediately discussed with each other and, if necessary, we pick it up immediately. That way you give good properties for rent. By doing it that way, and working together, you get better tenants in the houses. By working with Benhousing we can make a much better selection to get good tenants in our homes. We also do this together. They make the appointments for those viewing with the prospective tenants who would like to live in the vacated house. When the viewing is completed, the prospective tenants come to a personal meeting with me at benhousing in the office. In order to gain a clear understanding with each other, whether the landlord and tenant really fit well together. When this conversation is completed, the landlord and tenant can indicate together if they want to continue together, I personally think this is super important, the mutual feeling must be good. If this is missing at the start, then we will not continue with this tenant, or the tenant will not continue with us. For us, the start of an agreement must be good, if it is not really right, then there will be problems in the future, which has caused us problems in the past, we want to prevent this as much as possible. Now that we have been working in this way for many years, we can say it has brought us a lot! Benhousing landlord properties have super good tenants, there is virtually no hassle, exceptions, of course. And we hope that this way this way can continue for many years, work together in this way. As a landlord of properties in Rotterdam, we can recommend everyone to visit this company.

Is it for renting out a home, or for renting out a home, come and visit this nice company.