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Expat housing in Rotterdam

If you are an expat assigned to or about to be assigned to Rotterdam, you might be very excited about your project. After all, Rotterdam is a historically important Dutch city. Unfortunately, lots of expat housing in this city might not be up to your standards. Some are very small. Others are located in very inconvenient locations far from the 'soul' and activity of the city. If you want a solid guide on how to pick the best accommodations for your particular expat situation, look for expat housing Rotterdam residents themselves would want to live in.

Find expat housing Rotterdam city dwellers would prefer

Whether you are going to be staying in Rotterdam 6 months or 6 years, you might want to savour all the local colour this city provides. By picking expat housing Rotterdam residents would choose, you get the vibrancy of Bedrijvenpark Noord-west Rotterdam and Bedrijventerrein Prinsenland while living close enough to business areas ‘Kop van Zuid’ and ‘Cool’.

Pick the right accommodations to make your stay extra memorable

Rotterdam has a lot to offer expats. If you want to make the best of your time here, start with your accommodation. Pick expat housing Rotterdam citizens would want to move into.

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