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How does it work?

Are you interested in a Ben Housing property? On this page you can read which steps you need to follow to request a viewing.

1. Read the information in the ad text carefully, view the photos and (if available) the video of the property.

2. Click on the “Respond” button and fill in the requested information, provide a nice and clear introduction to yourself.

3. From all responses we make a selection of candidates who are allowed to view the house, we will contact you about this.

4. When we receive a large number of responses to a home, we may ask you to provide the required documents in advance.

5. If you have been selected for a viewing, you will receive a date and time of the viewing.

Pay attention:

• In case of great interest, we cannot guarantee that you will always receive a response from us

• The landlord of the property makes a selection based on the submitted documents, you may not be invited for a viewing

After the viewing

6. If you are interested in the property after the viewing, please let us know by e-mail. Complete your e-mail with any missing documents.

7. The landlord makes a choice from all interested parties. You will be informed about this by the broker. If you have not received a response, we recommend that you keep an eye on the status of the property on the website. You can read what each status means on our FAQ page.



Need more info? View the frequently asked questions!